Jay and G Limousine is dedicated to our mission to save lives one at a time with professional, highly trained and experienced drivers who really care.


We are the only limousine company committed exclusively to the substance abuse community


Our mission at Jay and G Limousine is to provide professional, dignifying and courteous rides to people headed to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We provide them with the ride, but most importantly, we try to show them that their life is worth it!

Our on-demand transportation services for all drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients is one of a kind. Offering the most dignifying experience possible to the patient all while still providing an extremely competitive rate to the rehab facility. Jay and G Limousine is one-of-a-kind. Serving the Tri-State New Jersey area and more including Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and wherever we are needed to lend a helping hand.

Drivers who know
a. Know the tricks, games, etc.
b. Know the pain & suffering
c. Know how to handle overdoses, sicknesses, etc.

We adhere and subscribe to the public Health Services Act “Title 42, Section 42 CFR Part 2“guaranteeing the anonymity of the people we transport.

Our limos carry a One & a half million-dollar insurance policy and are designed to make the individual feel special (as opposed to being treated like the underbelly of society)

We recognize that counseling is the responsibility of the facility, however we can share our experience, strength, and hope with others.

All our drivers are trained in the use of NARCAN™, a prescription medicine that blocks the effects of opioids and reverses an overdose.

We are the first person the client sees. We accordingly strive to represent your facility with the highest possible standards.

In AA & NA meetings all over the TRI state area, there are frequent references to the help my drivers gave to their fellow sufferers.

You will often hear “Wow if you go to __________ they will send a limo for you”

Although our fees do not reflect the upgrades and advantages described above(as said fees are very competitive), Your facility will be distinctive.

In all the years we have exclusively represented detoxes and rehabs, we have never refused an assignment. References available upon request.


Jay & G Limousine is owned by John Gargano who practiced Federal Compensation Law for 36 years, and just celebrated 23 years of sobriety. All of our drivers have a minimum of 5 years sobriety and are trained in the use of Narcan. Some of our drivers are certified EMT’s.

We have assisted in interventions and often stand by while said intervention takes place so we can immediately bring client to detox or rehab.We worked for AHE in Superstorm Sandy and similar storms which added many hours to a trip, standing by my mileage rate, with no additional rate. One one major storm I drove 8 hours from Princeton House to AHE, while my invoice merely reflected the 43-mile charge.

Jay & G Limousine often travels to the worst areas in order to bring people in need to your facility often taking several clients in the same trip with no additional cost. All of our vehicles are Lincoln Towncars and SUV’s of various sizes to address all needs. We do not have varying fees. It is customary to charge extra for early morning pickups, pickups after 11 pm, pickups on holidays, weekends, rush hour, and inclement weather. Please note that our fees remain constant.

Unfortunately, given the nature of our clientele, there are many extenuating circumstances that do not appear on the surface. I am thankful for everyone we bring into your facility and my drivers fight to get them there, using the 12 step program. Many clients who initially refused to come, eventually succumb to our efforts.

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